COVID Resources

Coronavirus Response

Check this page for up to date information about HTC’s COVID-19 response, including resources for those in need and re-opening plans.


News & Updates

Here you can access a video message and document to give you an update on our Building Reopening Plan. This work reflects the extraordinary effort from the whole community, outside experts, peers, and our team. This is our interim and long term vision of how we can reopen our building safely. 

Virtual Services
HTC's building is closed, but church is not. Click below to access our live broadcasts & virtual services.
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Prayer, Pastoral Care & Provision
HTC’s Prayer, Pastoral, and Outreach Teams are available. Click below to learn more.
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News & Updates
Click below to learn more about COVID related updates like our re-opening plan.
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Our Prayer Team is actively praying for our church family, our nation, and our world. Please let us know how we can be praying for you. You can email the prayer team at [email protected].

HTC’s Pastoral Team is available to our community. If you are experiencing a security or health emergency, please contact emergency services or dial 911. Otherwise, please do let us know if you would like pastoral care. You can email us at [email protected] or call our on-call pastor at (703) 493-0091.

HTC’s Outreach Team is connecting those who need assistance with those who can offer it. Fill out the form below if you’re available to serve or if you need COVID-related support. Also, we still need your financial support! Please donate through the website, or drop an envelope off in the secure black mail box at the front of church.

Connect with us if you need (or can) help.